Renovation or Custom Build Consultation

Some clients enter into a project with a builder or contractor and realize later that they need help. Don't worry! We got your back!


“I have a contractor, but I need help with selections.”

Red door Design has worked with many builders and contractors in the Cincinnati area and we have a consultation that is just right for this situation. Red Door Design offers special pricing when working directly with builders or clients building a custom home or planning for a major renovation.

  • Start with The Red Door Design In-Home Consultation ($400 - 2 hour in-person meeting)
  • $3/ sq. ft. design fee for whole house design consultation and selections. Minimum of 2500 sq. ft.
  • $3/ sq. ft. for partial home design consultation and selections and renovations. Minimum of 1000 sq. ft.
  • Exterior design and color recommendations will be quoted separately from the interior square footage.

This consultation includes hard finish material selections only. See Full-scale, turn key project for additional services offered to help complete your space.

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